Tuesday, 1 September 2015


During the last two weeks, I was on holidays with my two best friends, in Italy and Prague.  The trip, which took quite some organizing (thanks Caterina!), was a great success and we managed to maintain our friendship, while creating unforgettable memories.  #ishfine

 ~ First stop: Italy ~

My friend Caterina's Dad was nice enough to drive us down to Italy, which is around 5 hours from Munich.   We stopped in Brezen on the way, to say hello to Caterina's Granny, where we ate the best homemade tomato sugo I have ever had in my life.  After lunch, we drove for a bit and stopped again to go to Caffé Bologna, in a small town called Mori, where we ate a slice of exceptional mille feuille, so if you're in the area you have to go there!

We stayed at Caterina's lake house in Castelleto di Brenzone during the few days that we were in Italy, which is next to Lake Garda and we spent our time eating piadinas, talking, tanning and most importantly "chilling".  

~ Second Stop: Prague ~
view from the palace stairs

My friend Marketa is from Prague, so we spent a week living in her apartment, and apart from nearly dying of the heat, we walked around the hilly city.

  I'd been to Prague a couple of times before this little trip, but hadn't explored any cafés, but found the total gem that is, Coffee Source.  It not only serves the best iced coffee I've ever had but has a lovely outdoor seating area.  Though I did loose the back of my earring (note to self: don't make abrupt movements in general, random? I know), it didn't kill the good vibes I was feeling.  

Plevel, was a vegan restaurant we went to in the area.  It was nice, but I ordered the RAW corgette lasagna, when I really should have gone for the warm lunch menu, so that kind of killed the mood.  But I would go there again, because it was inexpensive and what my friends had (baked potato with broccoli, tomato & other veggies) tasted really good.

Boho is a unique little shop, with little vintage bits and pieces, such as belts, broaches, records, etc.  It's really stylish and worth looking at, but a warning to students on a budget, it is not cheap.


  Kavárna Slavia is a classic eastern-european cafe, which is famous for being well-known poets' meeting point.  It has a gorgeous interior, and I would recommend eating dessert here, specifically the cheesecake or apple strudel.  

The Trade Fair Palace, is a museum of art ranging from impressionism to photography, it has some lovely pieces my favourites included Jan Preisler, Antonin Hudecek, Antonin Slavicek and Frantisek Kupka.  The building from the outside is far from charming, but on the inside it's quite interesting.  If you're there, make sure to check out the book shop, because not only can you find some really cool coffee table books, but there are also some reading books.  

Thanks for reading!  I hope you had a lovely summer holiday and if not, then hope for a better one next year :) x Megan 

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