Saturday, 11 July 2015

// Enjoy Yourself //

Live, laugh & love, am I right ladies?

"You do you honey boo boo, and I'll roll with it"

If any of my friends read that sentence, they would automatically associate it with me, because I say it all. the. time.

Last week, my sister graduated (#proudsibling #slowlycrying) from high school, which amazes me.  There was a whole ceremony, then a sekt empfang (throwing in a little bit of german in there, but it's an event where you drink sekt which is a sparkling wine), a dinner, and then a club was rented out for the night.

I had a really great time, but one thing that struck me today, when I was thinking about things people were bitching about, is that the people who think they have the right to say that a girl "gets around" or just rude comments along those lines, are not worth listening to (wow I've really brought something new to the table).  These people clearly don't want to be heard, because if you want someone to know what you think about them you usually go up and say it to them.

But even for the people who come up and say it to your face, or your friends, we have to remind ourselves how sad that it.  It is truly sad, that these people cannot see the light that is positivity, and radiate good, friendly and loving vibes.

You should focus on enjoying yourself.  If you want to make out with someone, go for it!  If you want to cry on the bathroom floor all night, do that!  And if you want to focus on keeping things low key, don't let anyone bother you about being "boring".  The only thing that stops us from doing what we want to do, is what we know people will say about it on Monday.

YOLO: but you might not want to be this hardcore. 
At the same time though, we need to keep things rational, as great as the #noregrets movement is, jumping into someone's pool from the roof of a house (yes that was a project X reference) isn't such a great idea.

Thoughts? And I am aware that this post is flawed and would contradict a lot of my other thoughts but, I just thought I'd do a little freestyle, and write whatever comes to mind.

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