Saturday, 30 May 2015

~ Tips for Studying ~

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My exams are in less than 3 days, and I'm starting to realize what I could and probably should of done in preparation for them.  So I'm just going to jot down some tips that have and will help me next semester!

Listen in class! I could not stress how important this is!  There have been so many times where I've been sitting in an exam and have remembered the answer to a question, due to paying attention during my lessons.  As a teenager, it may seem really great to talk to your friends about last weekend's drama, but it isn't going to give you anything, apart from a bad comment in your report!

Make sure you're on top of things.  If you were on an exchange for a week, or on an art trip to Paris, make sure you catch up with everything and understand.  Even if you haven't gone anywhere, make sure you understand, because you will seriously benefit from it when you're learning.

Write your notes as you go along.  This is important for subjects like bio and geography, where you literally need to learn everything by heart.  It'll make revising much less stressful because you will have enough time to memorize.

The earlier you start, the better.  I always say that you can never revise enough, yet that doesn't mean you should study all the time.  If you start around 4 weeks before exams, you'll be able to space it out, do less hours and really take your time. On a daily basis, if you start early in the day, you can afford to go out for dinner in the evening and meet friends.  Just because exams are coming up, doesn't mean you have to turn into a hermit.


Drink water/tea.  Staying hydrated will promise concentration.  I also like to chew chewing gum!

Take a break.  This is so important for when you're in the middle of intense study sessions.  You need to take a break and breathe.  Go for a skate, get outside!  Fresh air is nothing but good for the soul, and you will feel cleansed and ready to start again.  Also, make sure you are actually taking everything in.

Find your perfect environment and method.  I personally can't concentrate in loud atmospheres, so if you're like me, going to the library is a great idea (if home is not a choice).  If you like noise, then starbucks or any cafe would be perfect.  I learn by writing/typing things until I know them off the top of my head (for bio, english quotes, etc.) and for maths, physics and chemistry I just answer questions we did in class or for homework.

For the lack of motivation:  good grades, mean a good job.  Think of all the lovely things you will be able to afford.  And procrastinating is so 2014.  Putting the "pro" in "procrastination" is not a good thing, and even though it's all over tumblr, it's just another bad habit that won't get you anywhere. Also don't forget, happy parents are a happy life, and I can't think of anything that satisfies my parents more than good grades.

I hope this helped in some way!  If your exams are coming up I feel your pain and I hope you do well.

x Megan

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