Friday, 15 May 2015

what I've been feelin // tunes

Recently I've been lucky enough to discover some of the best music that''ll ever grace thy ears.  When it comes to my music taste I listen to practically anything so if you're not into some of these songs/albums/whatever that's still cool, we can roll with it (*insert clip of rollin with the homies from Clueless*).  But for those of you who will feel like crying and cheering with happiness when you listen to these beautiful songs, I'm sending a virtual high five (& lots of love & understanding) right atcha'.


(possibly sexual) Frustration
this is the kind of music I like to listen to most of the time and it's usually just rock.  People like my sister, call it "angry", but I disagree.

Psychocandy by The Jesus & Mary Chain
All hail one of the best albums ever.   Listen to just like honey, for a taste, and if you like that then sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.  I like this as an album,  I just find that this collection of songs works really well together and anyone who put any work into this is a musical genius, and deserves to be praised forever.

Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth
Any serious Sonic Youth fans out there might argue that this isn't their best album, but I only started listening to them recently!  Kim Gordon (she was in the band) just came out with a new book, and that's what sparked my interest before I realized that I had listened to them already.  I love teenage riot, and I know because that's one of their most loved songs I'm meant to be less predictable and name a random one that no one knows but let's be honest, it's famous for a reason! #amIrightladies

If you're a true 90's kid, specifically a British one, you will definitely know Blur.  They were seriously big and I think they're awesome.  I don't love all of their songs, but the ones I do love, I love A LOT.  My favourites are:  Beetlebum, Tender, Girls & Boys, Charmless Man and Song 2.

These guys are also like Blur as in their not as current as they once were but I still love them, you definitely know their song Wonderwall (unless you've been living under a rock).  I've been listening to Champagne Supernova quite a lot.

Jus' chillin & feel good music 
Probably what the majority of my friends and people in general will be more into.

Pools to Bathe In EP by The Japanese House
If you want to just zone out for 30 minutes, sip on your mint infused, green tea and sleep/close your eyes/rest or just listen to some nice music, this EP is your next stop!  For what I think is their first EP, I have to say I am quite impressed, there's something really unique about it, yet some of the beats remind me of the 1975, but not in a way that you could say they sound similar if you get my drift (though you probably don't because that's such a contradictory statement!).  My favourite song is Sister.

Daisy by Tigers in the Sky
This song makes me so happy!  I don't know how anyone couldn't like this because it's so nice.

Andreas Moe 
This guy's swedish and I've heard him play live twice!  He's really friendly and sweet (I had the pleasures of talking to him, not that he remembers), and his music is lovely.  It would be great for a weekend morning playlist.  I love Ocean so much.

So that's it for my recent discoveries!  I hope you were into at least one song, and feel free to recommend down below :)

x Megan

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