Monday, 11 May 2015

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I've seriously neglected my blog over the past few weeks, and I want to come back with a different attitude.  I feel as though my blog really doesn't represent me, and doesn't reflect my personality at all, which is disappointing.  Since I've been writing on this page, the majority of my posts have been based on skincare and beauty reviews, and I'm even getting bored of them.  I do love love cosmetics, it's something I'm really passionate about, but that's not all there is to me.  For example, I'm a really social person and love to go out.  I live for the night!  I love music, reading and watching Wes Anderson Films.  And all of those things, are what inspire and make me think and live the way I do, and that's why they're so important to me.  Everything to do with makeup is focusing on the outside, yet I'd like to dig a bit deeper and think more about internal feelings, because they're what determine your overall vibes.  I also want to interact more with you.  I want to read your blogs or scroll through your instagrams and tumblrs!  Please don't feel embarrassed to self promote.  So I'm glad I got that out of the way, and out of my system!  It's such a relief, you have no idea.  And even though looking at this chunk of text (my english teacher would not be happy), I don't know where to split it into paragraphs, so let's leave it like this, even if it's quite raw.

My second thought is whether or not I should start filming videos.  My friends have always asked me to do tutorials from a "how to pack your suitcase" to a "smokey eye" tutorial.  I keep wanting to go for it, yet there's this doubt (funnily enough, the pressure to study for my exams that are taking place in three weeks hasn't been recognized as a problem) that seems to be the only thing stopping me.  Any thoughts?  If so do share.

x Megan

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