Sunday, 20 September 2015

// BERLIN //

In mid-July I took a trip to Berlin with my dad and sister, which was a great time!  I'd been to Berlin last November but didn't see as much or explore the different neighborhoods like I did this time! I filmed a vlog while I was there, so you guys could get more of a feel for the city, but I've written reviews for more details.

We went by train, which took 6 hours, but the time flew by and I was able to read my book (On the Road), which I'd been meaning to do for a long time.

We stayed in a hotel in Charlottenburg, which used to be the center of West Berlin.  There are some nice boutiques.  The main street  Ku'damm, has a lot of high end shops, but if you walk further down you'll find high street shops.  It is quite a residential area, with lots of old buildings, making it relatively quiet, but a really nice location altogether.


Sala - I went here on the first night, and came back during the week because it is that delicious!  The interior is decorated with traditional Vietnamese ornaments and the menu consists of noodles, curries, soups, etc.  I would recommend having the spring rolls (#mindblown), noodles with peanuts & tofu, the curry and their homemade mint/lime lemonade. I have been craving this food for the last few weeks and it's killing me!  

Burgermeister  is by far the most original burger place I've been to.  Located under a bridge in Kreuzberg, it has a long queue of hungry clientele waiting outside it.  There's a small menu, but fortunately there is a vege burger which is fried tofu with a mango chutney sauce :) I'd get there before you're hungry because the queue can take a bit, and you're food isn't ready instantly, but the burgers are reaaaally good, yet you might not get a seat!  

Piazza Bra  - If you're looking for a great but inexpensive pizza, in a restaurant run by Italians, you should go here!  The restaurant itself, is quite modest, but it's a neighborhood classic.  

Mondo Pazzo  is a more glamorous option for an Italian in Charlottenburg, but is also much more expensive.  I'd recommend the goat's cheese salad, and the penne arrabiata, both are absolutely delicious.

Mogg & Melzer  - Fancy sandwhiches anyone?  I had one with lentils and avocado which comes with a side of coleslaw & pickles and it was really good!  The only problem is that it's a bit expensive.  

Coco - Banh mi deli  is a Vietnamese specialty, in which they serve vegetables in a sort of curry sauce, in a baguette.  It's very original and quite inexpensive.   

Markthalle 9 is a food hall in Kreuzberg, with different vendors, which hosts events such as street food Thursday (can be overcrowded) and the Wochenmarkt (week market) on a Tuesday from 12:20.  Funnily enough, there's also an old fashioned photo booth, where you can get a strip done for about €2, and you have to wait 5 minutes, which is a cool experience.  

       // SHOPS //
Shakespeare & Sons  is an English book shop in Friedrichshain (though there are two in Berlin), and is the coolest bookshop I've ever been to.  It seems to have any book I would ever want to read.  They have a massive collection of penguin classics, biographies and some nice coffee table books too.  After buying my book (Susan Sontag, Reborn), I sat down for a cream cheese avo bagle which was SO YUMMY.  

Fashion Killers is a record shop in Kreuzberg, with a nice selection of everything from classic rock to techno.   

Made in Berlin is a super organised vintage shop in the center!  I spent way less on a gorgeous wrangler denim jacket, in great condition, than I ever would have on one in Urban Outfitters.  Also don't forget to check downstairs, as they have some great denim and army jackets.

Creators of Berlin is a cool boutique that sells cameras, including a wide variety of different Polaroids.  They also sell clothes and local things such as handmade leather pouches.  

Tauentzienstraße & Ku'damm are two streets that connect and have loads of shops including a massive Uniqlo and the KaDeWe, a popular department store.  

If you walk from Rosenthaler Platz U-Bahn, towards Hackescher Markt via Torstraße, you'll find some really cool boutiques.

Hackescher Markt & Neue Schönhauser Straße
This is my favourite place to shop, because it's quieter and generally more relaxing.  If you walk around the small streets towards Alexanderplatz you'll find &Other Stories, Monki, Urban Outfitters & COS.  


The Holocaust Memorials are an incredible work of architecture and a reminder of the unbelievable.  The jewish memorial is not something you'll miss, but the other memorials are located in a park close by.

East Side Gallery is a long strip of the Berlin Wall that was kept standing, and made into a work of art.  It's covered in wall art, with people expressing thoughts of freedom and human rights.  

Kreuzberg is my favourite area in Berlin and I loved wandering around the streets,  It just has so much to offer, e.g. Cafes, Restaurants, Shops, Bars!  It used to be the "hipster area" but isn't really anymore, because Friedrichshain & Prenzlauer Berg go under that title now.  But if you ask me Kreuzberg is the place to be.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any recommendations, fire away! 

x Megan

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