Friday, 23 January 2015

My Makeup Storage/Collection

 I always talk about makeup, but I haven't spoken about how I store this endless amount of product that some would consider "too much" and "unnecessary".  I really like to keep my work space clean and uncluttered, but accessible.  I know I do have a lot for someone my age, yet I wouldn't say it's comparable to the collection of a youtuber.

To the left side of my mirror I keep things that I need to reach for a lot.  I like to keep my brushes in two separate jars: eyes and face.  I just use old jam jars.  Then I keep my two benefit box palettes outside my drawers because they take up too much room, I don't use them a lot but they have pretty decent mirrors.  If what you use to store your makeup is full but you don't necessarily want to buy more drawers, etc. check to see if there are any palettes or regular products with bulky packaging taking up too much room.

L-R: shu uemera eyelash curler, tweezers, boobi brown pencil sharpener, vaseline, maybelline baby lips, radial lip balm
Being a GÜ addict didn't just make me gain weight it also meant I was stuck with a bunch of shallow glass jars.  If you're not aware of what GÜ is, it's a mini-cheesecake that comes in a glass jar.  If you haven't tried it, I would steer clear of it! It got to the point with me, that one of my new years resolutions was a GÜ ban!  I know that sounds ridiculous but I was actually addicted (looking at you Caterina).  The jars do actually come in handy because they look really nice, and I use them to hold a lot of my rings and perfume samples.  I have one jar holding tools that I might have to reach for during makeup application and one holding lip balms.  This makes my life a lot easier because they're always there and I use them a lot.

Now, onto the more exciting part, the actual makeup!  I store my makeup in these acrylic drawers from muiji that I believe cost €37.  It consists of five drawers which stores a lot of makeup.  It also really depends on how you lay everything out.  A week ago I rearranged different drawers, the lipstick drawer especially and I was able to fit so much more into them afterwards Overall I am very pleased with these drawers because they're quite hard plastic and look really sleek.

I usually arrange my drawers according to where I apply the products to my face:



Mascara, eyeliner, lip pencils and brow pencils.

Random stuff but mostly powders that don't fit into other drawers.

Lip products.

I hope my makeup storage was of some interest to you!  I do not intend on bragging in any way.

x Megan

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