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Concerts: for beginners

The 1975 (Matt Healey though...)
 I've had my fair share of going to concerts, so I thought I'd write a little guide to those who don't really know what to do and how to do it (you'll see what I mean).  I've been to see a variety of bands in all kinds of venues, where I was either getting up close and personal with the performers or standing on my toes to get a glance.  Going to concerts is one of my favourite things to do!  Listening to music is one thing, but getting to hear a band/singer play live is (usually) such an amazing feeling.  When the first song plays and you can feel the pounding of the music inside you, it's great!

1. How to find out  
In order to be able to attend a concert you need to know it's happening!  The best ways to find out are through the internet and magazines.  Where I live, there's a magazine called IN München, that lists all the upcoming events in Munich for the next 10 months or so and they have a section at the back for concerts, so if you could find one for your city/town that would be a start.  I usually sit down and read all the different names and highlight what stands out to me.  Sometimes if a band has a cool name or is playing at a venue that I like,  I'll look them up on spotify or soundcloud and listen to them.  Social media is also great, because you'll usually be notified if the band/singer is going on tour and then you can check if they're going anywhere near you!

2. Getting the tickets
Getting the tickets in advance is usually necessary and the price is quite important.  Always think about whether it's worth it to see a band, whether it's from 25-60€ it's still money!

A good website to check the price is eventim, because can also see which cities they're playing in and buy your tickets online.  Also make sure you're buying them for the right place!!!

3. What to do before the concert
In order to have the full experience, I would highly recommend listening to the artist, so that you know the songs and some if not most of the lyrics.  It makes the night so much more enjoyable!  Another clever thing to do is find out who the support group are and give them some love!  On numerous occasions I've loved a support group but haven't been able to catch their name.

Check where the venue is and how to get to it!  I've gone to the wrong venue before to find that the concert was at a different venue that I'd never heard of, but I got there!

I would not recommend doing any form of exercise before a concert and I am speaking from a first-hand experience!  When I went to see the Crystal Fighters a year ago, I had done a full Tracey Anderson workout a couple of hours before the concert, and the aching pain I had in my arms when I lifted them up into the air, is not something I would wish upon anyone.

Have a nice meal!  You will be burning calories, but at the same time you don't want something that's going to leave you feeling super bloated.  Also drink a lot of water, but do use the bathroom before you leave the house because you never know what state they'll be in at the venue and also having to go through the hassle of finding your friends through a giant crowd of people is not fun!
Tame Impala (best concert I've been to)
4. What to wear
Deciding what to wear, especially during the winter months, is a pain!  But even if it is winter keep it light, do wear your jacket, getting pneumonia isn't the aim here, but narrow it down to one layer underneath.  I once made the mistake of wearing a flannel to a concert... That was not one of my best moments!  I also wouldn't wear a sweater or anything thick.  Just wear a top that you're comfortable in.  Also check what kind of venue you're going to, because if you're going to an open-roof arena you might want to rethink your outfit!  When it comes to what you need to bring, keep your items minimal!  I usually only take my keys, money, phone, travel card and hair tie (very important) and those usually fit into my pockets!  Then for shoes,  I usually choose my doc martens over my morgantini ankle booties!  Remember that people will be stepping on your toes and spilling beer on your feet, nevermind the fact that you'll also be standing and (hopefully) dancing all night.

Shoutout to anyone in Munich:  If you're going to Theaterfabrik, be prepared to stand in the hottest room you have ever been in!  I'm serious when I say, wear what you would to heat yoga or something. It is a furnace!

5. What to do (& not to do) during the concert
I think the aim for everyone at a concert should be to let loose and really not care about how you look!  Where I come from, not a lot of people get this vibe (being very general of course), so I'm there with my sister (shoutout to Julie) rocking out while we are surrounded by stones (if you get what I'm saying).  If you're not sure how to move, then listen to the beat.  Even if it's a little foot tap, it's better than nothing!

Focus on living through the moment instead of documenting it on your phone!  Taking a few pictures or a video of your favourite song is OK but it's lame to stand there with your phone in the air for the whole night and complain that it's out of battery.  Enjoy it!

Be careful of the mosh pit!  There won't be a mosh pit at all concerts, e.g. if you're going to see a folk band or something.  But if the music is load and pounding then there probably will be one.  If you don't like being flung around, bashed and probably hit by a group of people (usually boys) I would try to avoid the mosh pit!  But it can be a really fun way to enjoy a song to the max.  If you're going to join in I would recommend holding on to a friend, as it is very easy to be flung to the other side of the room.  Also once you're in the pit it's quite difficult to get out of it, so if you want to get out try with force.

Talking isn't the ideal thing to do either!  You do have to remember that all the people in the room with you have payed to see this person play and don't really care if you haven't seen your friend in a while!  Exchanging a few words is cool, but you don't want to be the person who speaks throughout the whole concert.


So that's my concert guide!  I think this is actually one of the longest posts I've ever written.  I really enjoyed it though. If you have any questions, ask away!

Megan x

 BTW this is intended for anyone who's going to be standing, not a seated opera or anything, in case someone got the wrong idea.

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