Thursday, 15 January 2015

Non-beauty Favourites

Looking at all the posts I've written in the past, it doesn't seem like I have much of a life outside the beauty world.  But I do!  I've decided to share some of the little things that I've been enjoying.

Fuijifilm Polaroid Instax Mini 8
I bought this polaroid camera back in September and it is one of my favourite things!  Whenever I go out with my friends I bring it with and I just think it is such a fun accessory, it makes people look much better and you can capture moments instantly.  I love that you don't have to go to the trouble of getting the pictures developed (even though I am thinking of getting a camera with film...) but that also means that you do have to buy the film, which turns out to be quite pricey.  I buy 20 pictures for €20 on amazon and that's the best deal I've found.  If you are going to buy a polaroid camera, I'd recommend buying it on amazon and NOT URBAN OUTFITTERS!!! They sell them for about €50 or more than the usual price.  Though it does end out to be quite expensive I'm really glad I bought it!  Hopefully the pictures will last for life!

I know that technically perfume does count as beauty but let's ignore that for now!  I have recently been loving these two fragrances which are, Jo Malone cologne Wood, Sage & Sea Salt and Chanel No5 Eau de Toilette.  They are completely different so I wear them on different occasions.  Jo Malone Wood, Sage & Sea Salt is one of the best things I have smelled in a long time!  It has a lovely freshness to it and is sweet but not overpowering.  I get so many compliments whenever I wear it.  One thing that really draws me towards Jo Malone is that you know what you're smelling, i.e. the fragrances are named after their ingredients.  I hate it when you look at the notes of a perfume and it says, "bergamont, indian rose and fuchsia", it always leaves me feeling quite puzzled.

Then onto the darker scent, I prefer Chanel No5 eau de toilette, because I find the eau de parfum very strong especially for someone my age.  Eau de toilette is lighter but still has the mature smell of the eau de parfum.  I usually wear this when I want to feel sophisticated or serious.

Both of these perfumes are respectably long lasting and I would recommend smelling them whenever you get the chance to!

Ever since I got these little pearl earrings from my aunt for Christmas I've been wearing them a lot, I love how classic they look and fun fact of the day, pearls are actually my birthstone!  (high five to any Geminis reading this)

I really love sunglasses, I wear them a lot, because my eyes are really sensitive to light.  My Mom has a few pair of Ray Bans from the 70's and 80's that I really like.  I've been loving this pair of aviators because they're less like the typical ones you can buy today and more square-shaped.  They're more laid back than my wayfarers too, so if I'm feeling more like a denim jacket I'll wear these.  They are in perfect condition even though they're over 20 years old, which shows how good the quality is.

Last of the bunch is this lovely cross-body bag I got as a present for Christmas.  It's from &otherstories and is leather, which is usually what I look for in a bag.  The style of it reminds me of the Celine mini luggage bag which I am obsessed with!  This also fits loads of stuff inside including my Polaroid camera!  I've found it really practical for the weekends and going out with friends!  I did lose my Charlotte Tilbury lip pencil in pillow talk the other night, which I still haven't fully recovered from, but it's not because it fell out I probably dropped it.  

x Megan 

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