Friday, 29 August 2014

Empties Volume 1

Over the past year,  I have put most of the products that I've used into a small paper bag and I think it's time to take that now full paper bag out and write an empties post!

Garnier Intensive 7 days Body Butter and Lotion
I don't know how many times I have bought this product but I really love it!  It sinks in really quickly and does hydrate, whether or not it keeps the skin hydrated for seven days is a question I cannot answer.  I would recommend the butter for nighttime use and the lotion could be better for the day if you want something lighter.  I was happy enough with all scents except the cocoa butter, which I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with.  If you're looking for a body lotion that is inexpensive, quick and doesn't have a fussy scent, this is the one for you!

Cowshed Slender Cow Extra Firming Body Butter
I only used a travel size of this product but I enjoyed using it all the same.   I don't usually use firming body butters but I have to say that when I used this a few times, my skin did feel a bit firmer.  I didn't wakeup feeling like Tracey Anderson but I do think you would see a difference if you used the full sized version.  It is on the pricier side of things but if you like herbal scents, why not?

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner
I used this duo together for a long time, and it smells so good.  I had really long hair at the time and though it wasn't super soft I do think the shampoo and conditioner kept it hydrated and healthy, which was what I wanted.  I also found that it kept my hair clean for longer, for example rather than washing my hair every other day, I wash it every third morning to retain moisture and natural oils, etc. and the shampoo really kept my hair clean.  I will most probably repurchase this in the future.

Frizz-Ease Miraculous Recovery Hair Mask
This is hands down the best hair mask I have ever used.  I've always used hair masks and it was only until I came to the end of this one, that I realised a difference.  It kept my hair soft and healthy and it has avocado oil in it which I love, because who doesn't like some avocado?  I haven't gotten round to repurchasing this because hair masks always take quite a while to finish, but I should really buy this again for my own good.

L'Oreal Elvive Extroardinary Oil
I used to always use hair oil as a finishing touch.  As my hair grew longer I didn't feel the need to use any oils because I no longer had flyaways or frizz due to everything being weighed down.  I did enjoy this oil when I used it, it wasn't anything spectacular but it did the job.  I'd rather explore other products than repurchase this one. 

Soap and Glory Hand Food
Ladies and Gentleman I present to you, the handcream that will make your hands feel like a baby's bottom.  I have used this hand cream for years.  I used it religiously for two years, and whenever someone touched my hands they would always exclaim how soft they were!  I then ran out and was given other hand creams (listed below) as presents but nothing has ever made my hands so soft.  It also smells really nice!  It has marshmallow, shea butter and macadamia oil (which is also used in the aussie duo) in it. Then again, there is a negative aspect to this wonderproduct:  it will always leave residue! Not a crazy amount, but I'm one of those people who hates touching things if I've got handcream on, so I always put it on at night, but I had it in my bag too! You know, just in case.  Everyone deserves this in their lives!

The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream SPF 15
This handcream wasn't something that made a huge impression on me.  I was never a huge fan of rose,  I actually think it's a bit overrated (comment if you love peonies).  The scent isn't very strong, it smells like plant really.  I didn't really like the texture of this cream and the residue was horrible.  My hands felt so sticky and I could hardly stand it!  Also if I touched anything,  like a jumper,  I'd have loads of fluff on my hands and I'd have to wash them to get it off.  The only thing that I do like about this cream was that it has SPF in it.  I'm big in to sun cream because it's everyone's anti-ageing bestfriend.  It is that simple!  If you want to have a nice face, neck and chest when you're older, sun cream is the way to go.  What people also don't realize,  is that hands age really easily because of how we expose them to the sun, all the time.  Yet, I will not be repurchasing this product again. 

The Body Shop Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Butter
One can probabaly guess that I got this hand cream and the one above together.  The difference with this one is, it's a butter.  It has a very smooth texture that's very hydrating.  I used this one every night and I like the way it's in a tub, because I was able to scrape every last bit out of it.  I didn't find my hands perticularly soft but they were hydrated which is the main aim.  I would rather try other hand butters, rather than repurchasing this one, but I did like it all the same. 

Sabon Patchouli Lavender Vanilla
I was excited to start using this handcream, because I had never heard of the brand Sabon before.  I think it smells nice, but it could be a bit strong for some people.  I like the way that the lavender doesn't overpower the other scents, they all blend together.  It was a nice small tube to carry around in my bag and two of it's ingredients are shea butter and aloe vera which I always approve of.  I enjoyed using this handcream and I would repurchase it, but probably for a friend!

Liz Earle Hand Repair
This handcream is definitely a favourite!  For all the lovely people who struggle with hand cream residue (oh the struggles in life) this product is the solution!  If you haven't noticed already,  I'm a bit of a handcream junkie.  This product sinks in right after you rub it in,  keeps hands moisturized and doesn't smell strongly of anything,  just a bit herbal.  I will definetely be repurchasing this soon!

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
I remember this being one of my first moisturisers that I had researched and read reviews on.  I used this way over a year ago,  but I can still remember!  It has a lovely light texture but is still good for dry skin because it's super hydrating.  It has a pump which seems great at first, but when you get to the end and you can see that there's still some product that could be used (I don't like to waste things) it becomes quite irritating and you have the choice of cutting the container in half or tilting it awkwardly.  I would recommend this moisturiser as an all-rounder, meaning it does most things. 

Rotorua Mud Pamper Pack
A friend of mine brought me this pack from one of her ventures to New Zealand.  If there's anyone reading this who lives in Rotorua or is going there,  I would highly recommend picking up some of these.  It's basically made up of three sachets;  a natural mud facial scrub, a natural mud facial mask and a manuka honey facial moisturizer with kiwifruit extract.  I have one word to describe my results, wow.  My skin just looked so fresh, clean and healthy.  I really like that the scrub wasn't too abrasive and that it didn't dry my skin out.  I found that the trio worked really well together and there was also a generous amount of product in each sachet.  If I was able to buy the moisturizer in a tub to use as my everyday moisturizer I totally would!

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic
This is my all-time  favourite toner.  It is made up of naturally active ingredients including organic aloe vera and cucumber which give it a nice herbal scent.  It's alcohol free,  which is what makes it so different to other toners that can sting your face.  And like all Liz Earle products it's animal friendly.  This toner feels really refreshing when you spritz it on your face,  so I got a bit carried away sometimes...  I will be repurchasing this after I finish my current toner. 

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution
I will always love bioderma, and this product is something I use all the time.  I use it when I remove my makeup and sometimes if I don't have time to wash my face in the morning,  I'll swipe my face with this and though you don't have to rinse, I like to follow with some Avène Eau Thermale which some people (*cough* Caterina *cough*) would consider a waste of money, but I quite like it.  I have used 750ml+ of this product,  and I will continue buying it because it is such a handy thing to have!

Bioderma Sébium H2O Micelle Solution
I started using this Micelle Solution when my skin became oilier, so insted of swiping my face with the Sensibio I would swipe my face with this one.  I have repurchased this over the past and I own more products from the Sébium range which I love, though I haven't been using this one as much recently because I haven't had to.  I would recommend this for people who have combination/oily skin. 

Carmex SPF 15
You know when you get really sore lips during the winter and you just can't stop licking them?  I always use carmex in those situations.  It's the lip balm I grew up using.  There's a bit of a burning sensation as you slather it on, but it really is soothing.  I wouldn't recommend it for chapped lips and I also wouldn't recommend it for people who want their lips to be really soft.  I would recommend it for skiing, but don't buy the tube version because it will eithir burst or become seriously inflamed because of the altitude. 

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lipbalm
When I first bought this lipbalm I thought it was the  Literally.  And then I lost it when I went skating this one time and it was an emotional time, ok not really but I was quite bummed, because I had had it for around a week.  I then went to the trouble of buying a new one, and used it right to the end.  It has a peppermint flavour but it's not artificial, so it's quite refreshing.  The lipbalm is made of beeswax and the actual stick is quite hard,  so in order to get a reasonable amount of product onto my lips, I had to sit there just continuosly smearing it on, which was a bit of a drag.  Also, I had to reapply it every hour or so, because it would dry out my lips otherwise, which is the case with most lipbalms.  Although I do like Burt's Bees as a brand (the Peach and Willowback Deep Pore Scrub is a favourite) I won't be buying this again.

And that's it! You were probably thinking, will this post ever end?  Overall I think there were more hits than misses, which is always nice. 

What do you look for in a handcream? Do you like rose-scented things?  What is the best lipbalm you have ever used? How do you eat avocado?


  1. ahah loved how you mentioned me in your post! But personally I do think it's a waste of money, I've tried it and believe that it's just water in a can, I might be completely wrong and to some people it might help a lot! Unlike you, I thought the Soap&Glory handcream didn't leave residue on my skin, maybe it's because I got the new formula(?)

  2. haha agree to disagree. Really? I'm going to buy it when I finish my aesop hand resurrection balm!