Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Mood Board #2 | Sunny Bohemian Vibes ☀

~ Aloha Friends ~

There's a certain direction my style is going in,
and I thought the best way to capture that, is a mood board.

Like a lot of people on the planet at the moment, I've been inspired by the bohemian vibes of the 70's, through film (Almost Famous, Dazed & Confused & American Hustle, anyone?), books (Love Story, yes please!) and most importantly music.

The colour pallet is quite warm and sunny with some cool blue tones on the left side of the board.  

I love the idea of long, luscious, voluminous locks à la Jerry Hall, over-sized fur jackets (faux, of course!), bum-loving denim and massive rose-tinted glasses! 

I'm not too sure what I'm thinking makeup wise... I think I'll be neglecting anything that cakes the face, and opt for a more natural look, while enhancing the eyes and lips, but we'll see!  

Most of all, I want to feel the good of the sun and let it fill my soul with light, despite it being the middle of a harsh winter.  
xxx Meg 

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