Sunday, 12 April 2015

Boots Haul + Reviews

Two months ago I went to Ireland to visit some of my family, and while I was there I did a little bit of damage in Boots.  I only bought products that have been recommended by lots of people, not letting myself browse at all.  I have to say, I'm impressed with all the stuff that I bought and definitely think they're worth trying.  

I don't wear foundation, but if  I wear a base it's always a BB cream (Garnier BB Cream in Light).  But when CC creams came out  I wasn't too fussed to buy one because I don't wear face makeup a lot, and I was happy with what I was using, but since my BB cream is running out I had the perfect opportunity to pick this god-send up!  The formula is inexplicably lovely!  It just seems to glide on to the skin so nicely, and blends so well.  The only problem is I bought it in the wrong shade, which I didn't realize until I looked in the mirror and my face was three shades darker than my neck... But while I was in France I bought it in the right shade, so have been wearing it quite frequently. 

This is a lot of people's favourite real techniques brush, so I picked it up out of curiosity and it's really good!  I used it with the CC cream and it just blended the liquid into my skin really well, making it look quite natural. I was actually quite surprised because the brush is quite basic and I wasn't expecting anything great. I'd definitely recommend this for foundation-wearers.  

Healthy Balance Powder

This powder is beyond amazing!  Rumor has it, Bourjois and Chanel powders are made in the same factory, and this powder makes me believe it.  It feels really light on the skin and doesn't look cake-y at all, I just dab some onto my forehead and nose because I tend to get oily there throughout the day, and it keeps the shine away.  It also smells really good!  

Silent Treatment

I picked two of these up (The Naked Truth and Silent Treatment), because I heard that despite being so inexpensive these palettes are meant to be really good!  And so they are, I did a smokey eye recently with the grey/purple palette (Silent Treatment) and it looked really good.  The eyeshadows were really blendable and I actually prefer them to my Bobbi Brown palette.  

The Naked Truth

Bourjois Color Edition 24H 
My mum picked these up and they're like cream/powder eyeshadows.  They've got a very light texture, that blends quite nicely.  I don't know what shades I have them in because it doesn't say it on the packaging, but I like to use the silver one on the center of the eyelid for a bit of shimmer.  They don't have really strong pigmentation so they're perfect for day wear, but you can build it up.  

All my friends own the Mac Paintpot in Groundwork (thank you Caterina), so I bought this after I found out it's a dupe.  I really like the Maybelline Color Tattoos, they're so easy, stay on for so long and make it looks like you spent a lot more time getting ready than you actually did.  This one is no different and I have to say that the shade is very similar to Groundwork.

This was recommended by Essie Button, and her description of this lipstick alone, made me want it.  It's a pretty, sheer, pink lipstick and just adds a little bit of colour to the lips.  I really enjoy wearing this, and am really glad I bought it because I don't own any sheer lipsticks.  I think I might buy this is another few shades when I get the chance to, it's just really easy to throw into your bag and put on.  It comes with a mirror which I do find a bit annoying but I wouldn't be surprised if I made use of it sometime in the future.

Dr Paw Paw Original Balm
This is a really great balm that was recommended by my lovely sister.  It's universal so you can really use it wherever you want which I love!  I love having this in my bag because if my hands are dry (which they have been so often this winter)  I'll just rub some of this onto them and it sinks in really quickly.  I think, for the price, it's a really great thing to buy and it has a really nice texture too, it's not weirdly thick.

x Megan 

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