Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tester Time!

I'm always using testers.  Whether they come in magazines, shopping bags or from friends I always have loads.  It wasn't until I started shopping with my friend Caterina that I started asking for them.  If you're looking towards splurging on a highend skincare or beauty product, I would always recommend trying it out beforehand, if not asking for a tester.  It's when the truth comes out, is the product really worth the hype? 

I recently went into Kiehl's and asked for two testers, one of which was the Midnight Recovery Concentrate.  I was eager to try it out, because so many people had raved about it (Essie Button, Amelia Liana) and I wanted to see if it was better than my beloved bio oil.  I used it for just over a week before the tester ran out, and my first impression was that it has a very light texture and a nice subtle herbal scent.  When I woke up in the morning, I noticed that I did have an even, creamy complexion, but it wasn't anything I'm not used to waking up to.  After using it for a week, I decided it wasn't better, but on the same level as the bio oil.  I think the thing about this, is that it's got a really light texture, but Bio oil definetely helps out more with blemish scars on the face.  I do think I will purchase this product in the future (maybe at christmas), just to change it up a bit,  but if you think it's too expensive, baby oil is an alternative.  

The second product I asked to try was the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado.  I don't know if I'd be drawn to this product as much if it didn't have avocado in it..I used this eyecream for about two weeks and I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of it.  It's quite thick and I found that it just sat on my skin in a greasy layer.  I don't have a dry undereye area or dark circles, but an eyecream is something I always like to use for furture wrinkles and just to keep that area hydrated.  This eyecream was not irritating though sometimes I did wake up with puffy eyes, but that's probably because I applied the cream too close to my eyes.  It also didn't make my eyelashes fall out which is something that happens to me all the time.  I won't be buying the full-sized product, because I personally didn't like it that much, but if you have dry, sensitive skin around your eyes I would try it.  


I got the next product from my dear friend Caterina, who kindly put it in an old jar for me to take home. It is the Origins Drink Up Intensive Moisture Mask.  Whenever I stay at my friends houses or they come to mine, we always try eachother's skincare routine.  It's a great way to try out new products!  I tried this when I slept over at Caterina's a couple of weeks ago, and basically it's a hydrating mask (as one one could have probably guessed by the name) that applies like a moisturizer.  What I like about this is that you sleep in it, you don't have to wait and not be able to move your face for ten minutes, it's really easy.  I've been applying it onto my neck (to prevent neck wrinkles when I'm older) on the nights that I don't put it on my face.  I will definitely buy this product!  I don't usually buy a facemask in a tub or a tube, because I'd have to use it regularly, and I don't like to overdo my skincare.  But this one is so easy that I think it's a staple. I'd say it would be great for on a plane, because you could rub it onto your face and people wouldn't notice.  

I also tried the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Cream when I was at her house and oh. my. god. It is so good!!! First of all, it has a gel-like texture that glides onto the skin so nicely!  It didn't make my eyelashes fall out and it's just such a luxurious product.  The only downer is, that it's quite expensive for the amount of product you get. I think it's around €50 for 5ml, but since it's eyecream you don't need that much anyway.  I will definetely buy this for myself or put it on my christmas wishlist! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my tester reviews.  Do you ever ask for testers? Have you ever tried a friend's skincare routine?